SP Complete Dairy-Free shake w/ Whole Food Fiber
1 c frozen berries
8 oz water
7 cleanse capsules

big salad
simple sicilian vinaigrette
1/4 large pear

This was a dinner plate piled with salad made of romaine, mixed spring greens, cauliflower, mushrooms, cucumber, 1/4 avocado, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, radish, and red onion…seriously like 10 or 11 servings worth (a lot for me!).  The dressing has only 3 ingredients (plus s/p), but I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed my salad with just that little bit of flavor.

blueberry/banana shake w/ Complete and Fiber
7 Cleanse capsules

1/2 c quinoa
zucchini, mushroom, onion, tomato, asparagus stir fry

1/2 berry shake (1 scoop Complete)
7 Cleanse capsules

So far I haven’t really felt any physical effects of the diet.  High frequency urination has not continued past day 1, although I am getting up several times in the night to go, more often than usual.  That means I’m not getting optimum sleep, but that’s nothing new.  It’s just a little worse now.

I  like most vegetables well enough and have always had some everyday and I’ve never been one to drown my salads in dressing or douse my broccoli with cheese sauce. So I don’t mind all the salads and stuff, but I’d really love some bread or crackers or croutons to go with it!

I often feel hungry, but that’s my own fault.  I can eat as many vegetables as I want, but when I need a snack, I’d almost rather not eat anything than eat another raw veggie.  A little bit of ranch dip would really help make it feel more like a snack!