Suitable for days 1-10 of SPPP.

Ever tried it?  I had it once years ago when a friend made it and I thought it was surprisingly good.  I think she may have just served it with a little butter and salt.  That, as far as I can remember, was my only experience with spaghetti squash until now.

First, I should mention that spaghetti is not one of my favorite meals.  It can be really good, depending mainly on the sauce.  But somehow my sauce is never fabulous, whether I doctor up a jar of Prego, or make it from scratch.  Decent, but not wow.

I’m on day 4 of the Standard Process Purification Program, and I just didn’t want another salad for supper, so I thought I’d give the spaghetti squash another try.

When you cut it open, it looks like any other squash, and you scrape out the seeds and stringy stuff in the middle.  For one large serving, place one half cut-side  down in a microwave-safe dish, add a little water and cover, leaving a vent.  Cook on high for about 7 minutes, until a knife will easily pierce the skin.  Rotate it if your microwave doesn’t do it on it’s own.

Carefully remove the squash from the microwave, and use a dinner fork to scrape out the flesh.  You will end up with a plateful of spaghetti-like strands!

Top with your choice of sauce, just like pasta.  I had some leftover tomato puree in the fridge and made a basic red sauce with onions, green pepper, mushrooms, garlic, basil, and oregano.

The texture is different from pasta, but the taste is similarly mild.  I liked it as well as I ever like spaghetti.  It was definitely a nice change from salad, and yet still completely vegan!  It’s a good option for the SPPP, including days 1-10.