mixed berries shake (1 c frozen berries, 2 scoops Complete, 1 scoop Fiber, 1 c organic rice milk)

5 Green Food capsules

cheat: 1 peanut butter cookie Larabar

Lunch, kind of:

large salad of mixed greens, grape tomatoes and cucumbers w/ guacamole

Late snack:

frozen raspberry shake (2 scoops Complete, 1 scoop Fiber)

5 Green Food capsules


Larabars are made of only fruit and nuts (some have chocolate).  The ingredients on mine were only dates, peanuts, and salt.  It’s a good, healthful snack.  The reason it was cheating is that SPPP does not allow dried fruit or nuts.  However, I was at Target and starving, and I felt like overall it was a decent choice.

But, I made the mistake of eating that Larabar around lunchtime, which meant I wasn’t hungry enough to eat lunch at a normal time.  Then Craig and I went out to Costco and Aldi for a couple hours in the afternoon, and I did get hungry, which caused me to cheat a couple times (sample of chocolate covered blueberries at Costco, a few Junior Mints that Craig got for the kids for movie night, a few potato chips).  Which is why I’m now eating my salad at 5 pm.  And I do still plan to have a piece of pizza!  Can’t be perfect everyday.

From bad to worse:  well, things just snowballed.  Two small pieces of pizza, one Chips Ahoy, 1 square dark chocolate, 2 Tbsp Nerds candy.  We’ll see if I notice any ill-effects. Back on the wagon tomorrow!