Suitable for days 11-21 of Standard Process Purification Program.

So, I still had some chicken left from Sunday night, and brown rice from last night.  I wanted some real food, not another salad, so I made soup.  I’m going to give approximate measurements, as I did not measure at all.  You can adjust the amounts to taste, or make the batch bigger for more people.

First, I chopped some celery, carrots and onion (about 1/3 cup each).  Did you know that this combination is called mirepoix (meer-PWAH)?  It’s used to add flavor and aroma to many soups, stocks, sauces and other foods.  The proper ratio is actually 50% onion, 25% carrot, 25% celery, but I didn’t worry about that.

Then I sautéed the mirepoix in 1 Tbsp grape seed oil, until cooked but not mushy.  Mine still had just the slightest crunch.


Next, I added my chopped cooked chicken, about 1/2 cup, and about 3/4 cup cooked brown rice, along with 2 cups of vegetable broth.  I still haven’t made my own vegetable broth; I used the rest of the Wolfgang Puck I bought a couple days ago.  I did not add any salt or other seasonings, because the broth had enough.

Heat through, and serve.  Makes 2 servings.


This was a satisfying lunch that still followed the program guidelines.