apple-cinnamon shake

5 Green Food caps


1/2 cashew cookie Larabar (ingredients: cashews, dates)


small Quizno’s Harvest Chicken Salad (lettuce, apples, grapes, honey mustard chicken, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds) 


strawberry-banana shake (frozen fruit, 1 cup water, 2 scoops Complete, 1 scoop Fiber, stevia, 2 tsp chia seeds)

5 Green Food caps


orange-ginger salmon


mixed green salad

1/2 small caramel apple


Again the Larabar issue.  Nuts and dried fruit are not allowed, but as snacks go in general, it’s about the best you can get.  Larabars are raw, made of whole food ingredients, non-GMO, not sweetened, gluten free, no artificial anything.

Yeah, okay, Quizno’s is iffy.  I’m sure there were ingredients in the honey mustard chicken that were not on the program, and probably preservatives etc on the lettuce and stuff, but sometimes it’s a matter of making the best choice of the available options.  If I got what a really wanted, it would have been a sub.  I did leave most of the cranberries and pumpkin seeds, as they’re not “allowed”, and only used 1 tsp of the acai vinaigrette it came with.

Another yucky dinner.  The turnips were cubed and sauteed in oil; they were okay but not great.  And try as I might, I cannot like salmon, and believe me, I do keep trying.  Occasionally, for some unknown reason, I will find it acceptable, but most of the time I just don’t care for it.

So, not the greatest food day overall.