Shake made w/ frozen pineapple and banana, water and oj, and TJ Hemp Protein.  It tasted pretty good, but this time around, maybe because I used water instead of rice milk, I noticed a bit of an aftertaste.  [0g sat fat]


1 Cashew Cookie Larabar [1.5g sat fat]


salad w/ 2 cups spring mix, radish, red bell pepper, grape tomatoes, 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds, dijon vinaigrette from SPPP guide book [approx 2g sat fat from seeds and dressing]

1 oz (14 chips) organic blue corn tortilla chips w/ 2 Tbsp Wholly Guacamole Classic [1.5g sat fat total]


3/4 c Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Cranberry Maple Nut Granola w/ 1/2 c almond milk [1g sat fat]


salad w/ 2 cups romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, 1 tsp sliced green onion, 2 tsp Chipotle’s vinaigrette, a couple of blue corn chips crunched up on top [<1g sat fat]


honeycrisp apple w/ 1 Tbsp almond butter [.5g sat fat]

1 Pamela’s chocolate chip cookie [1g]

Total saturated fat:  8.5g