shake (raspberries, rice milk, TJ’s vanilla hemp protein) [0]


Cashew Cookie Larabar [1.5 g]


Chipotle salad w/ chicken and fresh tomato salsa, drizzle of vinaigrette [3g]


1 oz (14 chips) organic corn tortilla chips w/ 2 Tbsp Wholly Guacamole Classic [1.5g sat fat total]


1 slice Columbus herbed turkey breast [0g]

1 slice rice quick bread made with Ener-g Rice Mix [<1g]

1/2 pomegranate


I bought three different brands of gluten-free baking mix yesterday.  The Ener-g Rice Mix is my first foray into gluten-free baking.  I used the quick bread recipe on the box, but instead of 2 eggs, I used 2 Tbsp ground flax+6 Tbsp warm water as a replacer, and it seemed to work fine.  It smelled okay while baking, but the flavor will take some getting used to.  The bread is quite crumbly, and tastes like there’s too much baking soda in it.  I think it might be pretty good toasted with a little jam or almond butter.