Dr Wahls recommends keeping track of how you’re feeling, symptoms, and changes while on the protocol, so you can look back and see progress.  I think this is a good idea, and one that I’ve never been good at; therefore, I’ve often been unsure whether or not anything I’m doing is helping.  Some people report dramatic changes, but I’ve never had that, so I really need to be on the lookout for subtle changes.

My main symptom is leg weakness.  My feet are constantly numb, but that doesn’t usually bother much by itself.  It’s not being able to stand or walk for more than a few minutes that is the most troublesome for me.  I also have poor balance, which means walking takes even more energy than it should.  When I go to a store, I always have to use a cart because it helps with support and balance, even if I’m only going in for one thing (but that is very rare because I just don’t have the energy to spend for one item).

I have definitely seen a change for the worse over the last 5 years.  Even though I would wear out before my friend, 5 years ago I used to be able to spend most of the day shopping with her.  Now I wouldn’t even attempt it.

Baseline weight: 87 lbs.  That sounds bad, but I’m only 5ft tall (in shoes!), so it’s not terrible.  Even so, I wouldn’t want to lose any more.  Plus, I have no muscle (muscle=pounds)!

Baseline symptoms: leg weakness has actually seemed a little bit worse this week since I started paying more attention to getting the correct vegetable categories/amounts.  That’s discouraging, but I have heard that it is possible to get worse before you get better.  My left leg is usually less cooperative than my right, and this week its been giving me “zingers”, which throws off my balance and gait even more.

Fatigue: I don’t usually have any problem sleeping, but do have to get up to go to the bathroom at least once every night, and often 2-3 times, which means it’s not as restful as it should be.  I often take an afternoon nap.  I don’t think I have the debilitating fatigue that is often associated with MS, but certainly my energy levels are sub-optimal.