Well, I wouldn’t call this a strong start, but it was okay.  What seemed like a fridge full of vegetables yesterday is pretty much gone at the end of the first day!  My 16 yr old son is doing the cleanse along with Craig and me; three people can go through a lot of salad greens quickly!


Craig made the smoothies with frozen berries, spinach, coconut milk, chocolate Complete, Fiber, and water.

I took 5 Cleanse capsules instead of the prescribed 7.  I figure 7 is enough for a 180 lb man, so a 95 lb woman could get by with fewer.


“Baked” sweet potato (microwaved) with grass-fed butter and cinnamon.  Half an avocado with lemon juice and s&p.  Sugar snap peas.



Another chocolate shake with 1/2 banana, although I only ended up drinking 1/2.

5 Cleanse capsules.


Sauteed medley of zucchini, onion, garlic, mushrooms, red pepper and tomatoes over quinoa.


Berries with coconut milk

5 Cleanse capsules


The chocolate and vanilla Complete powders are sweetened (with monk fruit, I believe).  It’s okay, but I found it almost too sweet, and with my sweet tooth, that’s surprising!  I plan to use the plain powder most of the time.

I did feel hungry several times today, but it was manageable.