My reason for naming this blog Spoons is twofold.  First, it references The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino.  She came up with this theory as a tangible way to explain to her friend what it’s like to have an “invisible” disease (in her case, lupus).  They were in a diner, and spoons were handy.

I’m paraphrasing  here, but imagine that you start your day with a number of spoons.  For a healthy person, that number is basically unlimited.  For someone with health issues, it’s a finite number.  Some days it might be 20, some days only 10, but when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Someone with a disease like lupus or multiple sclerosis has to budget their spoons. Showering in the morning costs a spoon.  Getting the kids ready for school and out the door is another spoon. Vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom is another. Going to the grocery store might be three spoons.   If you use them all up, there won’t be any left to “spend” making dinner, or going for an evening walk with the family.

Her theory describes my day-to-day life with MS pretty well.  The problem is, I don’t always know how many spoons I’ve got for the day.  Then maybe grocery shopping usually takes 3, but today it took 5.  And I still have to feed my family even if I’m pretty much out of spoons by the time I need to make dinner.

The second reason for this blog’s name is more obvious:  food and eating.  This is not a woe-is-me blog.  I don’t even really want it to be about my MS, although out of necessity that will factor in.  I started it to track my food intake while on the Standard Process Purification Program, followed by The MS Recovery Diet. I’m making some big changes in my eating habits in the hopes of keeping the MS at bay, and this is my place to keep track of progress, keep me accountable, and share recipes and ideas that fit into the program.


Update 2015:  Since this post was written, Dr Terry Wahls wrote The Wahls Protocol and people are having all kinds of success with it.  I now aim to follow her protocol, which differs from The MS Recovery diet mainly in that it is not low fat.  So my “rules” have changed from what they were three years ago. (I will go back over the older recipes and make notes about how to make it Wahls compliant if possible.)




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