Well, well, well.  I’m afraid I’ve fallen off the wagon somewhat.

Days 4 and 5 I started feeling better and no longer was having pain when I ate, so that was good.  I ate the shakes,  Italian Roasted Veggies, a salad from Chipotle with fajita veggies, guacamole, and tomato salsa, home-dehydrated apples, my homemade granola, fruit, and stuff like that.  Still not eating very small quantities, and hungry often.

Day 6, more of the same.  Shakes, leftovers, Carrot Ginger Soup.  But we had friends over and they brought pizza and chocolate chip cookies.  I was tired of being starving and ate some thin crust Mediterranean chicken pizza and a cookie.

Day 7, shakes, leftover soup, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms (recipe as written, no cheese added) with roasted broccoli and cauliflower and 1/2 baked sweet potato.  That was a tasty meal, and a pretty good day overall.  I did eat some gluten-free crackers.

Today, Day 8:  shake, salad, fruit, cabbage roll casserole with mushrooms in place of the meat (meh…not great).  And then I had an apple with a little cookie butter.

So the thing is, I’m not really into it this time…I never was.  So my willpower is just a smidge higher than zero.  I’ll keep making and eating the food for Craig, and it’s good for me too.  I haven’t eaten this many vegetables in a long time!  But I’ll probably color outside the lines sometimes.

Sorry, folks.  I’ll keep posting meal ideas and recipe links if I find something good.


We stocked up on vegetables at Trader Joe’s yesterday, and Thursday I have a box coming from Green Bean Delivery.  Green Bean very conveniently delivers your choice of mostly organic and/or local produce and groceries right to your door on the schedule you set.  I may do a separate post later about this and other ways to source organic products.  But for right now, all I’m saying is my fridge is full of veggies!

Last time around I wrote a Tips post, and I said I wished I had planned ahead because I  had a fridge full of produce but was always just trying to figure out what to do with it at the last minute, and that led to some frustration and failed meals.  However, meal planning has never been my strong suit, even though I can see the wisdom of it! So I don’t have a specific schedule for this time around yet, but I have been doing some research and hunting for recipes and ideas.

In 2011 when I last did this cleanse, I don’t think Pinterest was around yet, or if it was, it was in its infancy.  I joined Pinterest back when you had to be invited by a current member, so I feel like I was one of the founders…ha!  Anyway, now it’s a treasure trove of everything imaginable, and I’ve started gathering some SPPP-appropriate recipes on this board.   A lot of the AIP recipes that I’ve pinned may also fit the guidelines.

Following my own advice, I plan to make a big bowl of basic tossed salad, and large batches of quinoa and lentils, to keep in the fridge.    A couple jars of compliant salad dressing will also come in handy.  My favorite is still the Simple Sicilian.

I can’t say I’m super excited to get started tomorrow, but I have been growing tired of my junk food diet, so I guess I’m ready.  Out of all the diets I’ve done, I’d say this is the easiest, so I’m not worried, just trying to steel myself to get cooking again!

Bring on the veg!

It’s been over three years since I did any blogging, and it’s almost like I’m a total newbie!  Gotta figure this all out again.

Over those three years I have been sporadically following one kind of MS diet or another, never 100%, but with periods of maybe 85-90% compliance, and with periods of zero compliance.  As in, I got frustrated or lazy and just went back to my “normal person” eating habits.  I’ve never had great, or really even noticeable, results, but never felt like I could blame it on the diet; rather, user error was the main factor.

A year or so ago, I came across The Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls.  She reversed her progressive MS symptoms with a diet she developed, did a Ted Talk about it, wrote a book, and is conducting clinical studies on the diet, with successful outcomes.  I won’t go into detail here, but her story is pretty inspiring.  That led to finding the stories of other people who are on her diet, and changing their health and lives with it.

I started working into the diet about 7 or 8 months ago, but was still wishy-washy about compliance.  I’ve decided I need some accountability; also, one of Dr Wahls’ recommendations is that you keep a diary of sorts.  So this is my accountability diary.